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What are the Signs of Brake Problems?

What are the Signs of Brake Problems?

The brake system is an important safety component of your vehicle. If you ever notice a change in the performance of your brakes or hear a strange noise when pushing the brake pedal, it is vital to have your brake system inspected quickly to protect your safety on the road.  If there is a problem with your brakes, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:  Brake pedal goes to the floor Brake system light is on Loss of brake power Spongy or soft brake pedal Squealing/grinding noise when braking Vehicle pulls to one side/shakes when braking As soon as you notice a problem with your vehicle’s brakes, be sure to note down any symptoms. It will allow our experts to get a good idea of where exactly the issue is stemming from. The brake warning light will also turn on if a sensor has indicated a problem with the brake hydraulics system.  A squealing noise when braking is usually an indication of brake pad problems. If your brake pads are deteriorated ... read more

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