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What are the Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket?

What are the Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket?

Your car's head gasket is a very important component of your engine block. It is the part that ensures that engine fluids (fuel, oil, etc.) never mix. The head gasket is tightly sealed and is designed such that it will stop residue buildup to protect the engine from things that might cause an explosion. If your head gasket is damaged, your car will have a lot of problems. Here are the most common signs of a blown head gasket. 1. Malfunctioning Cylinders Any misfiring from your vehicle cylinders also shows the head gasket is damaged. The cylinder is where the fuel burns to power your vehicle. So if your cylinders misfire, it may indicate that there's a problem between two or more cylinders. You'll need an expert to carry out leak testing and cylinder compression to determine the cause of the problem. 2. Telltale Leaks Any leaks from your engine are a clear sign that your head gasket is blown. The fluids in your car are supposed to be in an airtight (closed) system, so a ... read more

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