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What Does Engine Misfiring Feel Like?

What Does Engine Misfiring Feel Like?

You may have heard of the term engine misfiring when reading symptoms of engine trouble. However, the term is relatively vague and it may be confusing to understand what exactly engine misfiring feels like. How do you know if your engine is misfiring, and what does it mean?  Let's first look at how an engine works so that you can better understand the term "engine misfiring". In order for the engine to work properly, it needs fuel to burn, oxygen, and a spark to ignite the combustion process. This igniting process will cause the pistons to move, therefore causing your engine to run.  An engine misfire is what happens when either the fuel, the oxygen, or the spark are not working correctly. While engine misfiring doesn't necessarily mean your vehicle won't run, it does typically cause increased emissions and reduced fuel economy.  So, how do you know if your engine is misfiring? Here are some of the symptoms to watch out for:  When idling or ... read more

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