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What Do the Sounds My Brakes Make Mean?

What Do the Sounds My Brakes Make Mean?

Understanding the brake sounds can help you be aware of an upcoming danger. You might wonder why your brakes are making weird or strange noises. If that's the case then you are in the right place. Different Types of Brake Sounds Let's discuss some of the brake sounds so that you would know what you've experienced with your vehicle. Consider the following: #1. Squeaking If you experience the brakes are producing a squeaking sound can be because of: Friction in the brakes Weather Sand Water Wear and tear The squeaking sound could also simply mean that the brake pads are of cheap quality. It's annoying, but not much alarming. However, if the above-mentioned points are not the cause then it's better to take your car to our auto repair shop for a thorough inspection. #2. Rattle If you experience the sound of a rattle then it can be because of the brake pads. It's usually a common concern with the drivers. If there are no anti-rattle shims, you can experie ... read more

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