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Dangers of Driving with Under Inflated Tires

When most drivers see that pesky Tire Pressure warning light turn on, they don't panic. It simply isn't regarded as an emergency warning, so many drivers will continue driving for days, if not weeks or longer, with the light on. This is because many drivers don't fully understand just how important driving with proper tire pressure really is, and how dangerous it can be driving with under inflated tires. Let's take a look at why proper tire pressure is so important. 

Your vehicle's tires are a very important safety component of your vehicle, especially because they are the components that sit between your car and the road. They create friction with the road in order for your vehicle to travel across many different types of terrain. In order for these tires to operate at their best, they need to be filled up with the right amount of air. 

When you drive with under inflated tires, meaning that the tire pressure is below factory recommendations, you severely wear down the life of your tires. Under inflated tires are susceptible to faster damage and wear, costing you money on a new set faster than planned. Damage from under inflated tires typically looks like excessive wear on the outside of the tires. This can also damage other wheel and suspension components, and puts you at a much higher risk for tire blow outs. A tire blow out it kind of how it sounds - it's when your tire pops open, typically leaving you with a car that is traveling directly on your vehicle's wheel - not good! 

So, when you see that tire pressure warning light illuminate on your dashboard, don't ignore it. We recommend taking care of it right away. You'll save both time, money, and on-the-road trouble by doing so. Plus, you'll guarantee that your safety isn't at risk on the road. If you need tire services in Arnold, NE, don't hesitate to stop by or give us a call here at A-1 Auto Repair today! 

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