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Why is My Car Not Getting Enough Power?

You step on your vehicle's accelerator, and find that your vehicle is lacking power. It doesn't accelerate forward like it used to, and you find yourself having to slam down on the gas pedal to get it to even move. Not only is this alarming and quite frankly, a bit annoying, but it can also be dangerous on the road. If you're at a red light that turns green and your vehicle is lagging to push forward, the cars behind you may be taken off guard. This issue can also lead to vehicle stalling or hesitation, which is another dangerous occurrence while driving. 

The main cause for a vehicle not having enough power is an issue with the fuel system. It could be caused by leaking fuel or a bad fuel pump, or another failing component. Basically, your engine isn't receiving the right amount of fuel and air mixture to work as it should, which is the reason why you aren't getting a lot of power when accelerating. As soon as you notice this issue, it is extremely vital to have your vehicle inspected here at A-1 Auto Repair. The issue will only progress over time and you may find yourself with a completely broken down vehicle. 

The fuel system in your vehicle has the important job of supplying fuel to the engine. In the combustion chamber, fuel is mixed with air and then ignited. Fuel is stored in the gas tank, which is then pumped into the fuel lines and filter and then into the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors are what spray fuel into the cylinder where it mixes the air and gas and ignites it. The result is an explosion that drives the pistons, moving the parts in your engine and making your vehicle accelerate. 

Here are some of the main reasons that can cause issues with your vehicle's power: 

  • Defective fuel pump or filter
  • Bad fuel injector
  • Leaking fuel line
  • Vacuum leak
  • Dirty airflow sensor
  • Clogged catalytic converter

As soon as you notice any issues with your vehicle's power, bring your car into A-1 Auto Repair for assistance. Ignoring the issue can make matters worse, and we want to ensure that your vehicle is safe on the road. 


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