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Why Is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

The ominous flashing of the check engine light sends visions of smoking hoods and empty wallets through your mind. Don't let yourself stress about it any longer, take your vehicle in today and get it checked out before it becomes a problem you can't fix, causing even more repairs and putting yourself at risk of an engine failure while on the road.

Why Can't I Check It Myself?

The check engine light is part of the warning system your vehicle has to let you know when something's wrong. This monitoring is handled by the vehicle's computer, constantly monitoring metrics throughout the vehicle for fluid levels, mechanical failures, or any imbalances across the board. If there's a problem identified, the computer flips on the light and records the error code that occurred.

That being said, interpreting the issue from the computer isn't as simple as reading a printout. Issues such as high temperatures or low tire pressure can be visibly verified, with the thousands of other issues not being so easy to see. In steps the OBD II scanner, the industry standard for check engine light codes. While auto part stores will typically come scan for you, having the code itself isn't going to help diagnose what caused it.

Remember, It's Not Your Everyday Check Engine Light

A solid check engine light comes on for issues that aren't usually of the highest concern, anything from a loose gas cap to the one-off misfire you just heard a pop. A solid engine light is still grounds to get it inspected ASAP, with a flashing check engine light being much more serious.

Manufacturers added the flashing variation to the light to alert drivers that there is a serious issue within one or more of your vehicle's systems. Most vehicles will simply utilize actuators to stabilize any systems, resorting to the flashing light when it simply can't be fixed internally.

If you see the light go from static to flashing or have any check engine light concerns, we encourage you to stop in at our auto repair shop today for a free scan and consultation!

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