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Why is My Vehicle Overheating?

You look at your dashboard and notice that your temperature gauge is sitting high - is it temporary due to the heat, or is there a problem with your vehicle? Engine overheating is a serious issue and definitely a matter that you want to address quickly. The longer you drive with an overheating engine, the more damage that can occur. You may have low coolant or there could be a problem with your vehicle's cooling system such as a failing radiator or a bad water pump. Regardless of the issue, it is vital to get your vehicle into A-1 Auto Repair at your earliest convenience to keep repairs to a minimum. 

You may feel that your vehicle is only overheating because you've been driving in stop and go traffic for hours on a hot day. While this could be the case, our vehicles are designed to withstand major amounts of heat, so it is still in your best interest to have your car inspected quickly. Let's look at some of the reasons why your vehicle could potentially be overheating unexpectedly. 

A leak is a common culprit when it comes to engine overheating or cooling system problems. Usually, your coolant is leaking which is preventing your engine from being properly lubricated.

Another issue could be with the thermostat, which can cause temperature regulating failure if it becomes faulty. The thermostat helps keep track of the engine's temperature and initiate the circulation of coolant when needed. A faulty thermostat can prevent coolant from moving at all, which quickly leads to an overheating engine. 

A failing water pump can also cause problems with the cooling system because it isn't moving the coolant effectively enough throughout the engine. 

You could also just have low antifreeze if you haven't filled it up in a while, which means that not much coolant is being circulated through the engine. 

The issue could also be a late timing issue, which can stem from bad spark plugs or a wrong fuel/air mixture being injected into the engine. 

These are just some of the most popular reasons for an overheating engine, but the best way for us to truly understand the issue at hand is to bring your vehicle into our shop for an engine and cooling system inspection at the first sign of overheating trouble. 

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