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Why Isn’t My Car Heater Working?

You need your car heater working properly during the cold months, or the inside of your vehicle will turn into an icebox. A faulty heater is a potential safety hazard. When your heater is broken, your defroster cannot blow warm air onto your windshield thus will continue to accumulate ice and fog, which will interfere with your visibility. Imagine what can happen if you end up stranded somewhere with a heater that is not working on a freezing winter day.

What Could Be Stopping Your Heater from Working?

There are many reasons why your car heater may fail to work. Below are the four most common ones.

A Faulty Thermostat

An overheating or no heating condition in your car is mostly due to a faulty thermostat. When your car thermostat is not working, the engine overheats, the temperatures change erratically, and the vehicles' coolant leaks. If your thermostat is the reason why your heater has failed, go ahead and get a new one. It is actually cheap and quick to fix. A failed thermostat also indicates failed corrosion inhibitors in your coolant top up the system with a new coolant.

Insufficient Coolant

If your car heater keeps blowing cool air, then it may be low on coolant. Your car's coolant cools the engine during the hot months of summer and keeps the car warm in winter. The coolant moves to the heater core from the engine blowing warm air into your vehicle. When your coolant is low, your heater core won't blow any warm air.

Failed Fan

Another reason why your heater is failing could be the engine fan. Modern vehicles have an additional engine fan to help cool the engine further when it overheats. A faulty engine fan will continue running, causing the coolant to remain at a low temperature all the time. When this happens, the cold coolant cannot generate heat; hence your car heater won't work as required. A failed fan is a serious problem that needs to be fixed by a professional.

Faulty Heater Core

The heater core is responsible for your car's defrosting and heating actions. If the coolant does not travel through the heater core properly, you will have a problem with your car heater's working. A faulty heater core causes the inside of your car to fog up, covering every window with condensation. Some other defective heater core signs include a fruity smelling odor, an overheating engine, and a coolant that gets depleted very fast.

If you think your car heater is faulty, bring it to our auto repair shop today. We will diagnose its exact cause of failure and fix it in no time.

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