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Your Car’s New Year’s Resolutions

It's that time of year for taking stock of what worked and what didn't last year and resolving to make better decisions this year. While most people think of resolutions such as eating better and exercising, there are some others you might want to take into consideration. Such as your car. Your car is a lifeline; it gets you to work, school, the market, the soccer field, the hospital, etc. Where would your family be without a dependable car?

One way to keep your car dependable is by adopting these new year resolutions to keep your workhorse working well:

1. Change Your Oil

Whether you do it yourself or have it done, the new year is a great time to tend to it. Your car has a lot of moving parts in the engine and it needs fresh, clean oil for lubrication. Even if you haven't met the mileage sticker from the oil change place, it's good to get it checked. I lived somewhere that I didn't have to drive much and found out the hard way that my oil had gotten sludgy, even though I was far from the reaching the posted mileage measurement.

While you're under the hood, go ahead and check and top off all your fluids (brake, transmission, antifreeze, power steering, etc.).

2. Check Your Tires

With winter having just begun, the new year is a perfect time to check the tread and whether your tires have sufficient air in them. You can check the tread yourself by using a penny. On each tire, place a penny, with Lincoln's head up, into the tread. If can see his whole head, you are desperately in need of new tires and it's quite possible you're driving illegally.

Checking the air in your tires is important, too. When tires aren't inflated properly you'll not only lower your gas mileage, but you run the risk of blow-outs.

3. Rotate Your Tires and Check Your Brake Pads

Did you know that front tires wear more quickly than the back ones do due to more friction? When you rotate your tires, you insure your tires wear evenly and you'll get more wear from them. At the same time, get the brake pads measured. If they become too thin, you run the risk of warping your rotors, which is not only dangerous but expensive to repair.

Make resolutions for your car today!

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